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Sign this petition to take neonics off the market

Posted by schacker on February 5, 2013

New evidence shows neonics to be harmful to humans, especially the developing brain.  Let’s save our children and the bees!

2 Responses to “Sign this petition to take neonics off the market”

  1. Jess said

    YES!! I read A Spring Without Bees last year and agree that the French experiments clearly show that neonicotinoids are the cause of CCD. Thank you for this horrific, eye-opening book! People have to start seeing that Bayer and Dow sponsor the “research” which claims neonics are harmless.

  2. steven Baglione said

    I agree that the pesticide manufacturers are the cause for many ailments inner environment, however I feel they need to fund the research but it should be conducted by a third party, not the EPA which is compromised by big agribusiness and the chemical companies and not the companies themselves.

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