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Another Spring Without Bees

Posted by schacker on April 24, 2009

The new paperback edition of “A Spring Without Bees” is coming out in early May. It has a different cover–a little more to the point maybe than the hardcover one.

A Spring Without Bees, paperback edition As not enough has been done to stop the use of neonicotinic pesticides like IMD and clothianidin as well as implementing natural solutions to deal with other causes and all other factors of honeybee die-off, it looks like another “Spring Without Bees”.

We have so much work to do this year!

California and the west coast are reporting heavy losses. In addition, the UK is having a huge problem with CCD. However, the Northeast United States is reporting fewer hive losses this spring than expected. We are located in Willow, New York and worked hard to build a network in our region and get the information out last year. Is this because of the book and the work we did in the Northeast last year? It is hard to say for sure, but we think so!

We have several regional events coming up in May to celebrate the paperback edition. Sign up for our email list if you would like to get the newsletter and calendar of events. I can also send you a beautiful flyer to post in bookstores or libraries if you ask for it. We hope you’ll take a vacation to the Catskills and come to one of these events. Michael Schacker has recovered enough to make short trips and might be able to attend some of the events. We would love to meet you!

This is going to be a critical year for saving the bees. We must reach out to all areas of the world and send messages to beekeepers, libraries, bookstores, agricultural departments, university research projects and the government at all levels. We’ve got to get the word out. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure the paperback edition of “A Spring Without Bees” is a success this year! For those interested, free review copies are available from the publisher. Contact: Bob Sembiante at 203-458-4555 These are for anyone wanting to write an article or review or do some other kind of project about the book.

Thanks for all your hard work and support everyone!
–Barbara, PlanBEECentral April 2009

2 Responses to “Another Spring Without Bees”

  1. Geoff said

    Here’s a nice article about taking advantage of underused space in Pittsburgh to create apiaries: Bees in the ‘Burgh

    “Burgh Bees is intent on developing gentle but strong urban bees, in addition to developing urban beekeepers,”

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