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Michael Schacker U-Tube videos

Posted by schacker on July 17, 2008

Michael Schacker speaks about colony collapse disorder, bee gardens and saving the world’s food supply.

To view more videos, click on the active link below.

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9 Responses to “Michael Schacker U-Tube videos”

  1. Dana Cohen said

    Excellent report! I think what implicates the neonicotinoids so directly is that they are the only threat that actually causes the honeybees to abandon the colony and “disappear”.

    I understand that even after cessation of the application of systemic pesticides, it takes 4 years for the neonicotinoids to wash out of the soil. This continued bee poisoning – especially since we know the neonics are increasingly poisonous at the lower doses (when the bees don’t recognize them,) and the remnants are worse than the opriginal! -totally unacceptable. I believe that Biodynamic preparations 500 and 501, as well as the use of Biodynamic compost featuring other preparations, as well as the planting of biodynamic rye, clover and alfalfa will speed the recovery of the soil. References to check out here include:

    McKean County Biodynamics featuring Master Gardener L.A. Rotheraine

    soil contaminant and biodynamic bioremediation authority Will Brinton at Woods End

    bioremediation’s founding father, John Todd

    Perhaps it’s time to gather such great minds as L.A. Rotheraine, John Todd (Living Machines/University of Vermont,), Gunther Hauk of the Spikenard Farm and Bee Sanctuary, Will Brinton (Woods End,) and Roy F. Weston (wrote Amendment Selection and Process Monitoring for Contaminated Soil Composting with Will Brinton in 1994,) in a conference on how best to heal systemic-pesticide contaminated lands to keep the bees safe?

    Perhaps this can be added to Plan Bee? If so I’d love to participate in planning and help film that gathering to get the Earth and Honeybee-Healing message out far and wide!

    please respond to Dana Lee Cohen at

    • schacker said

      Hi Dana,

      Excellent post! I agree with everything you are saying here. This is really great information! Thank you!

      Yes, this would be a fantastic addition to the report. I will look over the information and add it to the Plan Bee Special Report sometime this month. I would very much like to be included in future discussions or forums or videos about CCD and healing the soil from neonic and other pesticide contamination. This is a critical part to the whole problem and something that people are, no doubt, wondering about.

      Thanks again and keep us posting whenever you come up with new information and contacts!


      • Dana Cohen said

        Please let me know if it is possible to set up an interview with Mr. Schacker for my film, Honeybees Don’t Get No Respect. I would love to discuss the neonicotinoid factor on camera with him, as well as the EPA and Lisa Jackson and also this issue of how we can reverse the damage to our soils and bee populations as quickly as possible using biodynamic bioremediation, as well as artistic political actions I am planning for the corporations involved in poisoning our collective future. You know who I mean, I bet! In Germany and the US…

        You can check out the Ron Breland film on my site, and When Honeybees Heal Honeyebes, to get a sense of my perspective on the honeybee. I’d love to collaborate with your right-on Plan Bee because it breaks my heart what is happening to my friend the honeybee, the world’s most loving, majestic and creative animal.

  2. Dana Cohen said

    PS Please feel free to contact me directly at

  3. We would be happy to have an interview with you. The information on soil recovery using the biodynamic approach is something that should be taught in the agriculture courses in all universities. Perhaps an online training course would be something that we could do to get this information out there in addition to your film. We have the ability to make online courseware. See our website at to view the Global Curriculum courseware. I would also like to include the approach in Michael Schacker’s book “Global Regeneration”–see I think the idea of getting all the “great minds” together is an excellent idea.

    We will be in touch soon.

    • Dana Cohen said

      Dear Hearts at Plan Bee:

      I just sent this letter out to all my bioremediation family. Will let you know what the response is!

      I am very excited to be engaging in this collaboration and will do everything I can to help make the bioremediation/biodynamics aspect of your curriculum strong, engaging and useful.

      With gratitude for all you do to keep our planet sweet, and our honeybees happy and robust,

      Your robust

      Dear Environmental Scientist and Honeybee Lover: Namaste!

      Are you interested in participating with Michael Schacker’s Plan Bee online education program to teach farmers who have used neonicotinoid pesticides to use biodynamics, composting and bioremediation to rehabilitate the soils and make them safe for honeybees as soon as possible, rather than waiting the 5 years it takes for them to naturally biodegrade? To you have ideas or resources to share to show the world how this can be done?

      Please let me know.

      You can submit bioremediation instructions in writing or I can come to film you. We would also like to hold a related conference asap inviting as many neonic farmers as possible as well as bioremediation experts such as:

      L.A. Rotheraine of McKean County Biodynamics
      Paul Stammets of Fungi Perfecti and Author, Mycelium Running
      Will Brinton of Wood’s End Laboratories
      the permaculture community…

      and then use film and DVD’s of this to get out the message. We are looking for appropriate venues, such as Sunbridge College or Spikenard Farm; please let us know if you have an idea or availability, a place where lots of farmers and bioremediation experts can gather, share and pray!

      Please let us know asap if you’d be interested in helping us through either your presence in our education materials (see below,) and or in person and or helping host or site our conference to educate the public about getting the residues of neonicotinoids out asap to save our beloved honeybees and ourselves from extinction and a less than good future!

      Please contact me if you are interested in assisting, supporting, co-teaching or attending this project.

      With best regards,

      Dana Lee Cohen
      film-maker at work on Honeybees Don’t Get No Respect
      see DanaLeeCohen on You Tube, Dana Hangs Out with Ron Breland, for a glimpse…
      YouTube – Dana Interviews Artisanal Anthroposophic Apiculturalist Ron Breland, Pt 1
      (646) 296-4264

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