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Posted by schacker on June 20, 2008

LAWSUIT! Bayers Clothianidin (Tradename Poncho): Lawsuit seeks EPA pesticide, Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 7:53 AM
Click here to Read the Report on the lawsuit!

Subject: Germany Bans Neonicotinoids, Poncho and Gaucho!
Read the news article: and
Subject: Green Peace publishes report on “Dirty Portfolios of Pesticides Companies”, June 18th, 2008
Cheers to the Brits for demanding action on pesticides and Colony Collapse Disorder!

BEE Consciousness — What is it like to be a bee? Scientific American article

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Michael Schacker

Michael Schacker

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Reviews of “A Spring Without Bees”

Posted by schacker on June 4, 2008

Good review here–

The New Yorker’s Book Bench blog site

Thanks to Holly Rubino, Michael’s editor, who sent me it to me. –Barbara Schacker

New Heaven New Earth Review

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Get your waggle dance instructions!

Posted by schacker on June 3, 2008

Plan Bee Special Report will give you an idea how you can be part of Plan Bee.   This report gives the major concerns and courses of action highlighted in Plan BeeChapter Fifteen of A Spring Without Bees.  Whether it’s a simple action like getting rid of your toxic lawn chemicals and using organic lawn practices or petitioning the government to change, everyone will find out they can do something.

 In addition, you will find out why reading the book can make you an expert “Bee Saver”.  


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